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Thank you for a great 2023 Holiday Season, we will reopen for the 2024 Season in November of 2024.

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"They have the best apples ever! An awesome thick layer of yummy goodness! My favorite is toffee! They are quite large and make a perfect gift that will get huge smiles!"


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About Gourmet Galleria

With a business over two decades old we have perfected the Caramel Apple, so much so, we know it is the true Gold Standard. 

To truly specialize in something and be a master of the craft is not only difficult, but rewarding. We offer a select variety of delectably crafted Gourmet Caramel Apples as well as Treats to indulge. 

The process of our craft begins with all locally sourced Grand Rapids area ingredients. Apples are harvested from local orchards near daily, Caramel from our local Grand Rapids Store, freshly tempered Dark, Milk & White Chocolates, Double Roasted Pecans & Almonds, and Crunchy Cashews. The quality of our apples cannot be beat when we use the finest ingredients to offer.


  Gourmet Galleria is family and locally owned & operated by the Hines-Hough Family!

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